Public Health: A health problem in general!

Posted by : BURJAN JENO
Country : Romania
Date : 18.05.2010
Profession : SALES MANAGER
From : Asociatia pentru protectia si Informarea Cetateanului
Target institution : Have no idea!
Problem status :

My problem is regarding health services in today's economical crisis. For example I am a Romanian citizen and I pay taxes in Romania. Implicitely I contribute to the national health fund that all working citizens do to receive the minimal medical asistance package from the state. Romania, as a member of the European Union, is obligated by the european health commission to provide the same minimal medical assistance similar in EU to all citizens foreign or domestic. The exact problem is the following: recently I became il and were rushed to the Emergency Rooom where i was told that due to the lack of medical funding from the state they do not have te minimal medical supplies to treat me and if i want to be treated i should buy myself the medical suplies. So i did and i had to pay a lot of money and dedicated time ,. time witch should have been going in treateing me then, and not 3 days after the initial request time in which the health state got diminished for lack of treatement. Now that i paid from my monthly wage for medical services similar to a private medical insurance onley it is provided by the state (public authorities) amd had not received the service and my request for refunding of the money i payed for the suplies and medical services were turned down by the hospital and County Public Health Authorities who shoud i turn too for to receive this refund keeping in mind that until now law suites were won local level but dont receive payment because the national budget cuts don't allow it.

Solutions received from citizens

condurache iulia mariana

condurache iulia mariana, Romania, student (18.05.2010)

Regarding Romania, all the assistance administration should be remade from the begining because it is so deplorable, tenebrous and totaly ineficient sistem so fixing a little here a little there will not help. We need a totaly new sistem and organizations. We need to have private hospitals and private health inssurance, so people who can afforte that will be automaticaly interested to that and clearing a little bit the social sistem, and the managers of hospitals and clinics should be trained better for using and manage of founds, the coruptions should be controled and eradicated. So firs we should have minimalise the mismanagement. For the taxes thet people paid for the medical assistance we should have a medical card, like an account, so we can benefite exactly what we haved paid, and a peace of that accound should be adressed to a comun acccout who will take care of the medical care who overdraft somebody acccount in a big medical problem and for those who are in socials problems and d'ont have medical inssurances.

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