Public Policy

How Governmental Policy is Made, Best Practice Briefs 

American Public Policy - An Introduction, Clark Cochran, Lawrence Meyer, T.R. Carr, Joseph Cayer

Governance of Public Policies in Decentralised Contexts, OECD

Toward a Conceptual Framework and Public Policy Agenda for the Information Society in Latin America and the Caribbean, Martin R. Hilbert, Jorge Katz

Process of Public Policy Formulation in Developing Countries, Do Phu Hai, Graduate Academy of Social Science Vietnam

Social Media and Public Policy, Jason Leavey

Evaluation of Government Performance and Public Policies in Spain, World Bank

Profiting from Technological Innovation: Implications for Integration, Collaboration, Licensing and Public Policy, David J. Teece, University of California, Berkeley

Public Policy Making: Theories and their Implications in Developing Countries, Ferdous Arfina Osman

Understanding and Applying Basic Public Policy Concepts, Melissa Mackay, Louise Shaxton

Public policy analysis and program evaluation in the public administration - course, Babes-Bolyai University (RO)

Introduction to public policy analysis, Adrian Miroiu (RO)

Public Policy Manual, Institute for Public Policy Bucharest (RO)

Guide regarding making, implementing and evaluating public policies at a national level, the General Secretariat of Government (RO)

Public Policies, Calin Beatrice Monica, MDRAP, Public Policy Unit (RO)

Manual for elabortating public policy proposals, the General Secretariat of Government (RO)








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